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The Stations of the Cross with Saint Therese

Wondering how to enter into Lent in a new way this year? The Stations of the Cross are a beautiful Lenten tradition. This devotion allows us to walk with Jesus towards Calvary, reflecting on how we can “take up your cross and follow Him.” There have been many reflections on The Stations of the Cross…

The Sacrament of Marriage: A Sign of Christ’s Love

Recently, I got to attend the wedding of one of my good friends. My friend and her (now) husband are a couple who are truly going to live out the Sacrament of Marriage. The priest gave an incredible homily focused on the message of Ephesians 5-that the Sacrament of Marriage is meant to be a…

Advent: What’s it all about? Preparation and Penance

Have you ever noticed the similarities between Lent and Advent? In both seasons, the liturgical color is a shade of purple. The Mass is a little more simple. During Advent, the Gloria is omitted; during Lent the Alleluia is omitted. Why is this? Because Advent, like Lent, is meant to be a penitential season. Getting…

Death: Are You Prepared for the end, of life and of the world?

I learned several things about my Grandpa after he died. Most importantly, he was prepared. Although his death seemed sudden to us, he had everything in order. In the months before his death he worked harder than his heart could take. He must have had a premonition. He was a few years older than my…

Ordinary Time: I am with you always through the Holy Spirit

My heart sank when I saw these words in my office book on Pentecost:

“The Easter Season ends with the conclusion of Evening Prayer.”

The sweet consolation of Easter, basking in the glory of the Resurrection, my patroness (my religious name was Sr. Magdala Marie) popping up all over the place: it was all over.  Then I realized that Ordinary Time is ushered in by a series of solemnities to wean us off of desserts, Alleluias and perhaps even his felt presence.

Pentecost: What’s it all about?

What does the word Pentecost bring to mind?

I know a few years ago when I was pondering the New Pentecost needed in our Church I was very focused on the externals.  I think expressing our love for God and praising him with full heart and voice is very important, but I’ve come to realize that there is something more basic going on.

The Spiritual Life: lessons from the Vineyard on how to grow in the Christian life through obedience, self-denial and prayer

The vineyard is the spiritual life of the Christian. The Lord has prepared the ground by removing stones and tilling, planted her in fertile soil and given her all she needs to be fruitful.  At the first sign of fruit, she is pruned, channeling all of His grace, all of the growing energy into the fruitful branches. 

Mercy: You’re never too far gone

I’ve loved the Divine Mercy message revealed to Saint Faustina for years but, like many truths of the faith, it took a concrete incident for me to “get it.” I used to do nursing home ministry and that, more than anything, taught me about poverty and God’s love.

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