The Joy of Community and A New Beginning

Well folks I’ve moved once again.  Can I reiterate how much I hate packing and unpacking?  You would think that a future nun would be able to get by with a lot less stuff…
The place I’m living is quite close to my hometown, so I’ve been hanging out here for the past few weeks.  I have to keep reminding myself that I am here permanently now.  I start at my placement on Tuesday, so that’ll come up fast.
So after trudging up to the third floor and dumping all my stuff, my roommates and I discussed the plan for the day with the director of Chi Rho.  Our first task was to go grocery shopping.  He sent us off on our own with a strict budget of $150.  As one of my fellow volunteers pointed out, frugality will be the order of the day this year.  The three of us managed to get everything we needed and reach the limit almost exactly, with no permanent damages to egos or fists.
We’ll be taking turns cooking dinner, so the person whose turn it was got to work when we got home(I just called it home unconsciously).  He made delicious chicken and to-die-for pumpkin bread to usher in the Fall season.  Don’t worry Mom, I won’t be living on canned soup and peanut butter this year.
Just in time for dinner, our fourth roommate arrived and added some much needed estrogen to the mix.  She speaks fluent polish, which will come in handy with the Polish church right next door.
Dinner was followed by a riveting game of Pictionary, which brought out our competitive sides, but also brought us together.  We learned that none of us are skilled in the drawing department, but are not lacking in creativity.  I have a feeling we’ll get many more laughs out of that game in the weeks and months to come.
Now we’re sitting around watching a movie and I’m anticipating all of the experiences we’ll have.  We all have different placements and I can’t wait to hear everyone’s stories about the people they meet and the lessons they learn.  This year will bring struggles, joys, obstacles and growth.  God is going to ask us to be vulnerable and depend on each other more than we may be comfortable with.  I know that this taste of true Catholic community will be just what I need.  God made us to live in communion with each other – giving and receiving love.  I thank Him for the chance to truly live that out!

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  1. farmwench - Reply

    God Bless, Victoria, on your upcoming year.
    May it be fruitful. I will be praying for you.

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