Some Perspective and a Promise

The internet can be an overwhelming place  and an unfortune breeding ground for attention seeking.  I’ve been searching its depths the last couple of days for tips on publicizing this blog and making it more popular.  With everyone and their sister blogging these days, how do bloggers like BadCatholic and Mark Shea make it on lists of top Catholic bloggers?
Then I realized: it doesn’t matter.
The wonderful and hard thing about writing is its one of those ministries with hardly any visible reward.  Once in a while I get some feedback from my readers, but most of the time I have no idea how many hearts I am touching, or in what ways.  The lord knows this is really good for curbing my pride.
The important thing is for me to just keep writing, so I’m making that my Lenten commitment.  Since the baby I’m now watching sleeps quite a bit, I’ll have more free time and am determined to use that productively.
I’m asking you all to hold me accountable and gently demand more posts.  If there’s something specific you would like me to write about, I would love to know!

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  1. farmwench - Reply

    Mmmm, pride and ego, they certainly are things that get in our way. I know they do for me. How about some posts about these sins, how they get in our way, how we can recognize them, how we can over come them? Well worth contemplating as I think, at least for me, all my other sins usually can find their roots in my ego.
    Love you. Good luck with your new position and have a blessed Lent.

  2. Kathryn L (2cor12910) - Reply

    I agree! Even though I created this blog with the understanding to just put my thoughts on faith out there even if no one read it, it’s hard to not hope that people are reading what you have to say and that you’re popular.

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