Here We Go Again…

A few days ago this symbol began popping up all over Facebook:

357490-red-equal-sign-gay-marriage-equality (1)

This, paired with an increase in statii about gay marriage, led me to believe that something important must be going on.  For those of you who also live under a rock, the supreme court is currently deciding on the constitutionality of Proposition 8 and DOMA(Defense of Marriage Act).  I heaved a heavy sigh, prepared to do my duty as a blogger and headed into the trenches.

 After spending a day staring at the computer screen until my head was spinning and my eyes were watering(sometimes with tears of frustration), I realized, I don’t want to write about this.
Sometimes blogging feels like hitting my head against a brick wall.  I feel like I say the same things over and over again.  I wonder if I’m preaching to the choir, or if hearts have been converted through these words.
So I won’t be writing on gay marriage, because it’s just not necessary.  I am Catholic and hold fast to everything the Church teaches.  If you want to learn about the reasoning behind those teachings, there are countless sources to do that through – first and foremost, the Catechism.  If you want to explore the reasons why marriage needs to be between a man and woman, you might be surprised to learn that this is not a Catholic notion.  For example, the arguments of the current supreme court case make no mention of God, yet give evidence for the importance of marriage being a conjugal union between husband and wife.  You might be even more surprised to learn that there are whole organizations of people with same-sex attractions who see the value in “traditional” marriage and are actually against gay marriage.  There’s some really interesting stuff in France going on right now that I would encourage you to check out.  I thought this guy was especially fascinating – a gay atheist who is against gay marriage – what is this world coming to??
One last thing: at the heart of this issue is the desire to change the definition of marriage, something that should not be taken lightly. You know how I feel about words.  The word marriage means something very distinct.  We either change its definition or we can’t call same-sex unions “marriage.”  It’s as simple as that.
And now, I will use that frustrating technique of asking questions and not giving you the answers.
What is equality?

What is marriage?

Does it matter if we change that definition? Why?

Is it a fundamental right?

And for the Love of all things Holy, what about the children???


*In a few days I will probably get angry about this again and write more anyway*

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  1. elliejaneohara - Reply

    A few words of comfort: the Supreme Court is actually deciding whether or not they have the legal right to decide the matter. And because they really don’t have the legal right, they probably will not even hear the case. Also, I am 90% certain that not one of those Justices wants to go down in history for making this decision. At least not at this point.
    There’s a lot of fuss going on about something that probably won’t happen. And sadly the media and the internet are distorting the situation by taking advantage of the fact that the US legal system is really confusing.

  2. Em - Reply

    Just popped my head out from under that rock to say…those are important questions to ask! THANK you.

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