A Heart Burning with Love

The Great Lover looked upon His beloved with intense longing.  In fact His longing burned so intensely it was a living flame. He longed to ignite the cold embers of her heart and drew her close with great tenderness.
The Great Deceiver noticed His gaze and in turn, also looked on her with great longing.  He also longed to make her heart his own.
This beloved heart was ignorant of the intense gaze of Love trained upon her at all times.  She longed for a heart on fire with Love.  She longed with inexpressible groanings for some unnamed thing.  Her heart remained cold despite her every effort.
One night, the Great Lover called out in the only way He knew how – in the language of the Heart.  Knowing the bitter pain of rejection, having experienced it over and over, He once again exposed Himself.  In an act of desperation, He exposed His Heart to His beloved.  She saw it, brilliant and golden – she caught a glimpse of the Great Lover.
Even this glimpse was too much for her.  She hid her face from His beauty, suddenly aware of her drab and dark heart, so pitiful next to this glorious flame.   In spite of this, she secretly longed for another glimpse of the Great Lover and searched far and wide for Him.  The Great Deceiver, who was never far, saw his chance.  He tempted her with counterfeit Love – just enough like the Real Love to trick her, but not intense enough to make her face the state of her heart.  He whispered to her in the night that she would never find Him whom she Loved.  She began to believe the lies – that He had seen her heart and rejected it, because of its ugliness.
The Great Lover continued to pursue His beloved gently and tenderly, whispering to her and calling her name.  She forgot how to listen and began to fall into despair.
The ember of her heart colder than ever, she lay broken and alone.  Then she remembered what He had done in a desperate attempt to show her Love – how He had captivated her.  Moved beyond her fear by her Love for Him, she gave to Him what she had so abused – her heart, her very self, blackened beyond recognition.  Trembling, she held it out, no more than a lump of charcoal.  He took it, caressing it gently in the palm of His hand, until it began to glow faintly.  She wept, thinking there could be no greater gift than what He had just done – to revive her heart and set it aflame with Love.
To her surprise He did not give it back.  Before she could protest, an exchange was made.  The Love now inside of her was almost too much to handle – it could not be contained and overflowed the tiny space where her own heart had dwelt.  She thought the flames would consume her as they filled her to the point of ecstasy.

He proclaimed with great joy, “It is Finished”

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