I Mustache You a Question

I am blessed to live with a philosopher-princess.  She is a wealth of information(5 year olds know everything), the most honest person I know, and asks the questions of a true philosopher.
One minute we are doing all sorts of silly things like making salami mustaches and she bursts out from the depths of her wisdom: “Eat your mustache and don’t give up!”  My jaded grown up mind can’t even comprehend what golden wisdom is contained in this piece of advice.


Her thirst for knowledge far rivals my own and 99% of what she says is in the form of a question.  She is the type of philosopher-princess who watches barney and then asks to hear the story about Jesus dying.  She doesn’t just want the children’s bible version though.  She sits back, scrunches her face in concentration, and says very seriously, “hold on a moment, can you tell me more? Explain this to me.”
During my explanation she interjects:  “Mary was very sad when Jesus died.”  Such heartbreaking Truth from so innocent a heart.
She has the makings of a Saint as long as she can hold onto her identity as a princess.  This past Sunday she was distraught at not being able to receive Jesus and didn’t feel “special.”  Do we even realize the privilege we have been given in the gift Christ made of His own Flesh and Blood?  She knows something special is going on and wants to be part of it.
On top of this, she understood the Gospel’s message of “love one another” better than most of the congregation.  On the way home from Church we were discussing her vehement hatred for ants, especially the red ones.  We reminded her that its important to be kind to everyone, even the ants.  After insisting she would kill all the ants, we came across one of the little guys.  She looked at it and not just stepped, but leaped over that precious creature, exclaiming “I LOVED HIM!”  St. Francis and I shared a mystical high five.
And then there are the million dollar questions, the whammies, that require nothing less than an emergency jolt of wisdom from the Holy Spirit.
“Why can’t we see God?”
The Truth is, my little philosopher-princess, you probably see Him more clearly than us silly grown-ups.

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