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Woah I need a break after that last post.
One of my best friends just started his own blog and it occurs to me that in addition to his there are some great blogs out there.  I’d like to take a moment to share them with you.
The first one is my dear friend who lives under a rock (remember her?).  She has mastered the blending of silly and serious into what she terms “The Roman Life”.  She is a real lady and I thank God every day for putting her into my life.  When I first met her in college I thought, “I need to be her friend!”  Somehow, God made that happen – aka I pursued her(in a very feminine way).
Secondly, the brand new blog that I mentioned above is brought to you by my personal Francis, my brother in Christ.  He is an amazing artist, fellow Narnia lover, and has been toying with the idea of starting a blog for months.  He asked for my input for the title and I suggested what I secretly wish mine was called – “Further Up and Further In”.  This phrase from The Chronicles of Narnia hints at the call from God to continually enter deeper and deeper into his love – but Shaun can tell you more about that.
The subtitle of Shaun’s blog is “The Warriors Journey” which he picked “because along the way it is rather difficult, and it is advised you carry a good blade with you. We are all wayfaring Warriors helping each other along the way.”  Another man who tries to be a warrior for God is Ryan Kraeger over at The Man Who Would be Knight.  Sadly, I can’t claim him as my friend, but he is certainly a brother in Christ.  I’ve just started following his blog and love the insights he shares.  I’m currently reading his book My Dearest Sistersand would highly recommend it.
These are just a few highlights – check out the sidebar for more great blogs!

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