Are You Ready? As I'll ever be…

Are you ready?
I’ve been getting this question a lot in regards to entering the convent.  We ask it often of couples about to get married or have children.  We ask it when people are moving.  Basically we ask it when big changes are happening.  I’m starting to realize this question makes little sense.  Am I excited?  Do I want to dive into my God given Vocation? YES. (If a married couple said no to these questions, wouldn’t you think there was something wrong?)  Am I woefully unprepared for the trials I will face?  Probably.  But who isn’t?
The devil keeps whispering that the answer is “no” – that I need to wait and “prepare.”  God is asking if I trust that he has prepared me sufficiently.
In today’s gospel, the apostles claimed to be ready to “drink the chalice” and “be baptized” as Jesus was. Did they really know what they were saying and what horrific persecution they would undergo?  Of course not.  Did they endure it anyway?  You betcha!
A deep, abiding sense of peace tells me it is time and that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
So to this question, I answer, “My heart is ready, Oh God, my heart is ready.”

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  1. Em - Reply

    this is fantastic, I agree with you in all sorts. “Preparation” happens in spite of us, no matter where we are at- all we have to be guilty of is having an open heart for Him. He knows we are inadequate, we will fail and fail miserably if we rely on human “strength.” Also, these decisions do not come up randomly one day, God gives us warnings all the time, we just have to have our eyes and hearts open, and leave the rest to Him.

    • Em - Reply

      AND one more thing, look at all the Saints- there was no “deadline” that you had to be ready by, it was always on God’s timing…which is perfect 🙂

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