He Bears Us on His Sacred Heart

Breastplate of high priestAmidst the lengthy chronologies and Lord of the Rings-esque descriptions, there are gems to be found in the Old Testament (pun intended).  One example of this is God’s directions for building the tabernacle, which are incredibly intricate.  It is meant to be modeled after the heavenly kingdom, so there is a goldmine of symbolism to be found in everything that God commanded Moses to build.

In my all time favorite book, Jesus the Bridegroom, Dr. Brant Pitre discusses the meaning of the twelve jewels adorning the bride of the Lamb in the book of Revelation: “The Bride of Jesus is covered with the twelve jewels worn by the Jewish high priest when offering sacrifice in the tabernacle, jewels symbolizing the twelve tribes of Israel.”
While using this book for a retreat, I was blown away by the beautiful description of the breast piece of the high priest:

“So Aaron shall bear the names of the sons of Israel in the breastpiece of judgment upon his heart, when he goes into the holy place, to bring them to continual remembrance before the LORD…And they shall be upon Aaron’s heart…thus Aaron shall bear the judgment of the people of Israel upon his heart before the LORD continually.” –

At first I pictured myself bringing the people of God into the Holy of Holies, Sacred Heartinterceding for them.  But of course Jesus is the great High Priest and tells me: You are the house, the sanctuary, the bridal chamber, where I bring people into your heart.  We are all upon His Sacred Heart, and He bears the judgment for us before the Father.

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