Stations of the Cross with Saint Therese

The Stations of the Cross are a beautiful Lenten tradition, but they can be prayed throughout the whole year. This devotion allows us to walk with Jesus towards Calvary, reflecting on how we can “take up your cross and follow Him.”

During my time in religious life, we prayed the Stations of the Cross every Friday and I grew to love the practice of remembering Jesus’s ultimate sacrifice. However, I often found the meditations we used lacking. They left me feeling guilty and like a failure, rather than grateful for Jesus’s act of love. This, coupled with my growing obsession with Saint Therese of Lisieux, led to an incredible inspiration that has blessed me and many others. Combining scripture, the writings of Saint Therese, and my own prayer, the Holy Spirit helped me compose “The Little Way of the Cross.”

I dreamed of getting these made into a booklet and selling them, and now that dream is a reality!! One of my friends from college, Lindsay, is an artist and makes prints and other items. She took my writing and made it into these beautiful and compact cards. We’re selling them over at her shop and would love for you to help support our ministries so we can continue to glorify God.  May you be blessed and drawn deeper into Christ’s sacrificial love and mercy!

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