Week 4 – Part 1

I can’t believe I’ve been here for almost 4 weeks already!
At the beginning of this week, one of the sisters randomly asked me if I know how to play the piano. Not knowing her motives for asking, I told her that I have a basic knowledge, enough to play the melodies of songs at least. This was good enough for her and she asked if I would be willing to share my knowledge with her. I almost laughed at the thought of little old me teaching an African about music, but agreed to help her of course. When we finally got a chance to sit down and begin lessons I found that although this Sister has a beautiful voice and an innate sense of rhythm, she has no technical knowledge of music, so it turned out that I could actually teach her a lot. We’ve been working a little each day and while sometimes I need to pray for patience, I’m really enjoying teaching her. I absolutely love music and being able to share my gifts with someone else has been truly rewarding.
I am discovering that many of my skills that I wouldn’t normally think of as gifts are being used by God to help the people here. Music, typing, a little knowledge of Spanish – are things I have been able to share and teach. I have a suspicion that I will discover more hidden gifts once the students return.
The Priest who usually says Mass here was gone for a week. After getting used to going to Mass everyday, I was starting to feel the effects of missing it for a while. On Tuesday another Priest who was visiting agreed to celebrate an impromtu Mass for the Sisters. Luckily, I was around when this was decided and got to join them. This was a real blessing and…it was in English!! I was all prepared with my Swahili book and then he started with, “In the name of the Father…” I was so happy!
Everyone here is very enthusiastic about soccer (football as they call it here) and have been following the World Cup closely, especially since it is being held in South Africa. Later on Tuesday I joined a bunch of people down at the canteen, which is a kind of restaurant and gathering place, to watch the match between South Africa and France. South Africa won and there was rejoicing all around. I don’t normally watch sports but the Sisters make it enjoyable because they get so into the game. Watching the Finals with them should be very exciting. I can’t wait!

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  1. Sandy - Reply

    I’ve been reading up on your blog so far and, i’m sure I’ve told u before, you’re writing and describing skills are amazing. i find it so easy to just immerse myself in it and be able to see and feel what your are. it seems you are having a wonderful time and i can’t wait to see you after this experience..:)

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