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Women of San Lucas

It’s time to start writing about my next adventure!
Now that I’ve gotten a taste for traveling, I can confidently say that I am irreversibly addicted.  The next stop in my traveling adventures is Guatemala.  In December I will be participating in a service trip to San Lucas Mission (  This mission serves the village of San Lucas, which consists mostly of Mayan people.

Picking Coffee

Their main source of income comes from growing coffee.  The priest in charge of the mission has set up a fair trade program for selling the coffee at various institutions (my school for instance – hint hint).  The mission has established programs to help the people in the way of education, healthcare, housing and legal assistance.

Parish Elementary School

While serving there, we will basically be doing whatever they need us to.  There is a parish elementary school which volunteers usually assist at.  Unfortunately, we will be there when the children from the school are on vacation, so we will not get to work with them.  I can say for sure the we will be picking coffee beans one day, which will create a great sense of solidarity with the people.  Other than that, God will use us for whatever the people need most.
I am especially interested to see how this compares with my experience in Tanzania this summer.  How will the poverty be similar?  Different?  I am eager to continue to learn how we are all connected as a human family.

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