The plight of a poor, philanthropic college student

All I can think about right now is how stupidly expensive it is to get to Africa.  I want to go help people, make the world better in some small way.  It’s just annoying that money is the one thing that might keep me from going.  If I am meant to go though, God will make it happen.  For example, my Grandmother met this random person the other day that takes group of College kids to Tanzania.  I have yet to find out how much it will cost but if that’s not divine intervention, I don’t know what is.
People ask me why I want to go to Africa and I honestly can’t give them a concrete reason.  Perhaps superficially it’s because that’s the continent that is stereotypically associated with poverty.  This is not without reason though.  Most of the world’s poorest countries are  located there.  I just did a quick search for some statistics on this and the results were astounding.  According to the United Nations the top ten poorest countries in the world are all in Africa ( Maybe the appeal is in the exotic and foreign nature of African culture.  Whatever the reason is, I can’t pin it down.  I just know that when I think about travelling there or research volunteer programs this bubble of warmth wells up inside me and it just feels…right.

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  1. Grandma Aggie - Reply

    When something from deep within stirs us to action, and when events fall into place to allow the action to take place, it is the will of God in our life.

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