Wisdom from an Eighth Grader

I apologize for being so bad at posting regularly…
In eighth grade my literature teacher started every class off by asking us a question to get our brains warmed up.  I just found the journal where I recorded some my answers and I swear I was smarter back then than I am now.  The answers to all the world’s problems are right here!
Here’s one entry that I wanted to share with you:
If you could make it rain anything except water, what would it rain and what affect would it have on people and the environment?
I would make it rain books because I love to read.  In countries with a bad government it would rain books about how people can help themselves.  It would rain easy books where people who can’t read live.  It would rain medical books where people are sick and don’t have a doctor.  This might not be as effective as money or food but I believe it might help a lot of people.
I promise I didn’t make a word of that up – I copied it straight from my journal.
So clearly the answer to everything is to drop books out of the sky…I don’t know why the government isn’t hunting me down for my brilliant mind.  Although this sounds silly, I think I was onto something as most problems could be solved with a good education.
It’s amazing to see things I wrote years ago because there were already signs about the paths I would head down.  For instance, there is evidence of my longing to travel and my desire to help people in poor countries.  Of course there’s also a random one about me becoming a marine biologist…

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