Learning from the Poor: San Lucas, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan

A new country; new people with a different language and culture, yet all I see is Tanzania all around.  The similarity between the poor here and in Africa is surreal.  Even the landscape is very similar.  There is beautiful scenery mingled with tin roofs and makeshift cement houses.  Dogs and chickens wander the cobblestone roads, along which shopkeepers peddle their wares.  The people are warm and friendly, eager to welcome you to their village.  Another set of faces, another village; yet it’s all the same.  Will I allow myself to be changed?  What do they have that makes them fundamentally the same that I am lacking?
These were the thoughts racing through my head as we rode the van from Guatemala City to San Lucas.  I had to laugh at the fact that the van was also missing seatbelts.  Little things like this made me miss Tanzania immensely but the experience was definitely worth it.
I’ll spend a few posts talking about the trip and probably split it up into days.  Hasta Luego!

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