Letting the hail fall: learning to trust God in the midst of storms

It is hardest to trust God during the storms of life.  Right now, our country is experiencing literal storms and many wonder where God is.

He is right in the midst of the storm.

Natural disasters display God’s power like nothing else.  With all of our technology, nature is one thing that human beings are still powerless against.  I think this scares us the most because we love being in control.

A few years ago I witnessed my first hailstorm which was part of a tornado or that swept through the state.  My town was hit the hardest and it seems as though half the trees in the area have been struck down.  As I stood at the window watching the storm wreak havoc, fear and awe were struck into my heart.  There was nothing we could do but listen to the ding of hailstones as they battered our house and hope the old tree in our backyard didn’t come crashing down.  We stood in what we imagined to be a safe-haven and hoped that the angry would storm would not penetrate our four walls, which seemed flimsy and insubstantial.

As I stood in fear and awe it occurred to me that the storm was very much like the presence of God.  We cannot control God and it is utterly useless to fight against him.  He has awesome power but can also strike fear into our hearts. When God sends a hailstorm often all we can do is trust Him and let the hail fall. Where we are powerless(literally and metaphorically), he is all powerful.

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