January 4th – Picking Coffee!!

I’m going to start putting dates on my posts so you have context as to when each thing happened.

Picking coffee...yes those are my hands

Today we finally did what we had all been anxiously waiting for – picked coffee!  Coffee is the heart and soul of Guatemala and we were excited to get into the nitty gritty of that heart and soul.  We all became addicted to the stuff within 24 hours of being in San Lucas.  It was time to see where liquid sleep comes from.  This might surprise you but coffee does not start out looking like the beans we buy.  They look like cranberries to begin with and then are roasted and go through a complicated process before they get to the store shelf.
Another thing I didn’t realize is that coffee trees often grow on the side of a mountain, so picking it can be quite precarious.  People risk their lives everyday so you can have that delicious cup of joe that gets you through the day.  We balanced on rocks and against the trees and experienced the life of a coffee picker for a short three hours.  I have such an appreciation for coffee now!  We were exhausted after just three hours – I can’t imagine doing that for hours every day.
Between 12 of us we picked 75 pounds of coffee that morning.  Bringing the experience full circle, after lunch we worked in the garden where the coffee trees start out as baby plants.  We were weeding and for some reason this is where I started losing my sense of purpose.  I started getting really anxious about what God wanted me to do in Guatemala and why he had brought me there.  I think this is a sign of my lack of trust.  God has the bigger picture under control and to me the pieces might not fit together, but for Him they do.

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