The Genocide They Don't Want You to Know About

Earlier tonight I attended a presentation on the genocide in Darfur.  The events that happened and are continuing to happen in Sudan are horrifying.  Whenever the subject of genocide comes up we immediately think of the holocaust, Rwanda, Darfur and Bosnia.  We would never allow anything like that to happen in the United States, right?
I was talking to someone about the presentation and he challenged me to consider whether genocide happens in our country.  I thought for a few seconds and then it hit me: abortion.  I have thought about this parallel before but he succeeded in reminding me of the atrocities that are happening right on our door steps.  This secret genocide may not be as visible or violent as others, but it is real.  Here is a chart comparing elements of other genocides to abortion:
Abortion doesn’t quite fit into the legal definition of genocide, but it is, quite simply, the mass murder of a group of people with something in common: they are unwanted.  Here is the internationally accepted definition of genocide:
I also decided to look up some statistics about abortion to see how they compare to the death counts for the holocaust.  It is estimated that up to 17 million people died in that genocide.  Worldwide, 42 million abortions are performed per year. In the United States, 1.37 million abortions are performed each year.
The use of choice to justify abortion has never made sense to me.  Forced abortion is considered a form of genocide, yet if a woman chooses to abort her own baby that’s perfectly fine.  If someone kills a pregnant woman, that person is charged with two counts of murder, yet if a mother chooses to kill her own baby, that is perfectly legal.
Well there’s your think-about-it for the day.

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