Prophets of a Future Not Our Own

This semester I’m learning a lot about the crazy problems going on around the world.  Between my social morality and social problems classes, it gets overwhelming sometimes.  It is easy to feel hopeless when we look at the devastating poverty that exists in some places and the violations of human dignity that take place every second in our own country.  I’ve been struggling to figure out what my response should be as a Catholic to all of this hopelessness.  And the answer is simple: hope.
We believe in a God who says that he will hold us in the palm of his hand and tells us to be not afraid.  He also gives us a vision of his kingdom where no one will be hungry, thirsty or lonely.  There’s a term I love that explains what all Christians are called to be – prophetic witness.  We are called to be prophetic witnesses to this kingdom.  That means we are called to share God’s vision of what the world should look like with everyone else.  In God’s kingdom everyone will live in right relationship with each other and God, in perfect imitation of the trinity.  Be a witness of that today!
Above all, our response to everything should be prayer.  I think something we have forgotten is the incredible power of prayer.  But that’s a whole other post…

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