The Cyber-Body of Christ

Sometimes computers are frustrating(ok most of the time), but right now I am loving the miraculous internet.  As Christians we believe that we are all connected by being part of the mystical body of Christ.  The internet can help make that connection tangible.  Whether its stalking Catholic blogs(my new hobby) or geeking out over pictures of nuns with my fellow nun wannabes over at Phatmass, the internet has connected me to other believers in ways that otherwise would not be possible.
God is especially using the power of the internet to help make His will a reality, in terms of getting my story out.  Several other bloggers, some I don’t know, have posted links to my blog.  My friends are helping spread the word through facebook.  Today someone else who is entering religious life messaged me about starting a blog and logistics of adding a paypal donate button.  Slowly, all of us who are trying to spread the message of God’s love are coming together in a beautiful online community.
And yet I can’t help wonder about the downside of this.  There is a certain intimacy lacking in an online relationship.  On the other hand, if we’re all connected supernaturally, perhaps there’s not?
What are your thoughts about this?

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