Saying "I do" to Christ – Will You?

A few posts ago I touched upon the spousal love between God and His Church.  Over and over, marriage imagery is used in the Bible to describe the covenant between God and His people.  I didn’t understand why this was until I watched this video:

And here is the song he is referring to:

Wow.  The first time I watched that video journal my mind exploded into little bitty pieces.  Then I watched it again, and again.  Before watching this, I had no knowledge of Jewish marriage traditions and I imagine that is true for most Christians.  This is incredibly sad because obviously these traditions inform much of how God reveals His covenant with us.  You can read even more about this here.
Of course coming from a Catholic perspective, another layer can be added to these ideas.  The Eucharist is a renewal of our covenant with God.  Everytime we receive Jesus in the Eucharist, he is saying: this is my body and blood poured out for you, will you accept it?  Will you marry me?  He offers us the cup of the covenant, and we can choose to say “I do.”  And of course the implications about not knowing the day, time or hour that he will come again are astounding.  We know that when he does he will invite us to the most epic wedding feast ever.
Lately I’ve been getting a lot of marriage imagery in my prayer(can’t imagine why) and have been drawn towards praying with scripture from Song of Songs.  For example, I’m learning that I need to let Jesus pursue and romance me, as any man would do when courting a woman.
I’ve also taken up the quest of finding songs which make reference to this biblical book.  I’ve found a few so far.  Some are:
Daughters of Jerusalem – David Brymer
Set Me as a Seal – Matt Maher
I couldn’t find a good video on youtube, but I just discovered Andrew Rose Gregory & The Color Red Band who made a whole album based on Song of Songs.  You can listen to it here.

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