Why One Pearl?

The Words of scripture are not like any other words.  They have infinite depth of meaning; they are living and effective.  And in these depths are treasures, treasures that God is dying to reveal to you.
I love discovering new things in familiar passages and even better when I see them from a whole new perspective.  Ultimately, the treasure, the gift is the living Word: Jesus.

Jesus told his disciple that the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls.  On finding just one pearl of great value he sold everything.  He only found one and that was worth selling all he had!
The Lord did a complete 360 when he told me:

You are the pearl of great price and I have sold everything for you.”

Jesus died for you, an individual unique person, who he loves enough to lay down everything for.  And if you were the only one saved by his sacrifice, it would have been worth it.

When I take the time to pray with scripture and study it closely, I begin to see things from a different perspective: God’s.  Every time he gives me an insight like this another layer of the Lord’s incredible love is unveiled and I get another glimpse into who he is.  My ministry, my calling, is to help you come to know God’s love for you and that you are the pearl of great price.

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