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Mercy: You’re never too far gone

I’ve loved the Divine Mercy message revealed to Saint Faustina for years but, like many truths of the faith, it took a concrete incident for me to “get it.” I used to do nursing home ministry and that, more than anything, taught me about poverty and God’s love.

Holy Thursday: A marriage proposal. How will you respond?

Holy Thursday is when Jesus instituted the Eucharist, but did you know that he was secretly asking the Apostles to marry him? This sounds crazy, but I promise I didn’t make it up. The first time I heard about this was from Mike Donehy, the lead singer of Tenth Avenue North, in this video.

The Wedding Feast: It's a party you don't want to miss!

The Wedding Feast of the Lamb

“The Adoration of the Lamb” by Jan van Eyck, 1432

The Father prepares a wedding feast with food and drink that satisfies our deepest hunger.  The Father begs us to come to the feast.  He prepares the choicest food and has saves the best wine for last.  The food at this banquet will never run out and we will never hunger or thirst again.  He implores us “come to the feast.”

Bungee Jumping FTW!

I am a fan of the abbreviation FTW, (For The Win) especially in conjunction with Holy Spirit, FTW.  However, my dear friend (God bless her), is a little, well, dense sometimes.  One day she poked her head out from under her rock (which is bigger than mine, but most certainly more Holy!)  and asked what…

Dominus Deus Sabaoth

Lord God of Hosts, bring us back. Raise up a holy host of victims that are wholly yours.  Conform your bride to the perfect image of true love – that dark hour in which the father’s broken heart caused weeping from the heavenly hosts. Raise up an army of feetwashers, not swordbearers.  You, who command…

Guest Post! "Seagulls are gross. Nobody likes seagulls."

After begging my friends for months to write guest posts, someone has agreed to be the first victim.  Enjoy! ****** “Reflections on the world’s most famous seagull” +JMJ+ Everyone probably knows by now that a seagull alighted on the “white smoke” chimney of the Sistine Chapel during the papal conclave, supposedly almost around the time…

Seeking the Infinite

Oh the vast infinitude of Him who is all things Oh the woeful inadequateness of mortal men He is like – He is Great – He is Holy – I AM WHO AM Who are you? I AM LOVE Love is Patient, Love is Kind – I AM WHO AM Flesh and Blood we understand – Love…

This Is My Body Given Up for You

Happy Solemnity of Corpus Christi!  Today we celebrate the source and summit of our faith – the Eucharist.  And I’m just going to turn to St. Francis to describe this most holy sacrament: “Let everyone be struck with fear, let the whole world tremble, and let the heavens exult when Christ, the Son of the…

Saying "I do" to Christ – Will You?

A few posts ago I touched upon the spousal love between God and His Church.  Over and over, marriage imagery is used in the Bible to describe the covenant between God and His people.  I didn’t understand why this was until I watched this video: And here is the song he is referring to: Wow.…

Like It's the First Time

Tonight a few people from my school were welcomed into the Catholic Church and I had the incredible privilege of being one of my best friend’s sponsor.  My friend was so excited to receive the Eucharist for the first time.  I’m jealous that he received the Body and Blood with a better understanding of the…

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