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Love Stories Suck – We Demand the Real Thing

One of the greatest things about college was the supportive Catholic community.  Since graduating and returning home I’ve been thirsting to have that kind of community again.  In his perfect timing he has more than answered my prayers, by sending some great people my way.  I recently met one of my fellow Chi Rho volunteers…

The "aha" Moment

I think I fell in love with running yesterday.  The first time I went out a few weeks ago I experienced an endorphin rush and felt like I was on top of the world.  Since then, I’ve been dragging my feet and feeling like I want to die.  But yesterday, something clicked or I crossed…

Believe in God's Love

The leader singer of my favorite band, Tenth Avenue North, comes out with video journals once in a while that just blow my mind.  This one is a plea to truly believe that God loves you and to let that love transform your life.

We're Not Mystery Meat!

On various retreats I have attended at some point during the weekend a speaker will have everyone turn to the people next to them, look them in the eye and say: “You are loved.”  I think this is a wonderful practice because it is something that everyone needs to be reminded of.  As Christians we…

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