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Ordinary Time: I am with you always through the Holy Spirit

My heart sank when I saw these words in my office book on Pentecost:

“The Easter Season ends with the conclusion of Evening Prayer.”

The sweet consolation of Easter, basking in the glory of the Resurrection, my patroness (my religious name was Sr. Magdala Marie) popping up all over the place: it was all over.  Then I realized that Ordinary Time is ushered in by a series of solemnities to wean us off of desserts, Alleluias and perhaps even his felt presence.

Together with Mary

So what did we learn from the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe? Perhaps, the fact that millions of people were converted following the appearance of Our Lady was no coincidence.  What if Our Lady is the key to the New Pentecost?

Love is Alive…but are we?

I’m experiencing post-Africa let down all over again.  Having come home right before Easter, for the past few weeks we’ve been singing joyful “Alleliua” songs like this one: Love is Alive Doesn’t that make you want to dance and lift your hands in praise? Okay, maybe it’s just me… But seriously, when twenty women sing…

Beside Myself (Not in a Padre Pio kind of way)

I am beginning to form a bad habit of being beside myself. I wish I could claim to have been gifted with a Padre Pio-esque ability to bilocate, but, alas, it is simply that the Holy Spirit keeps leaving me dumbfounded. In the last post I mentioned a veritable Catholic celebrity, Jackie Francois, not thinking…

My Soul Proclaims the Greatness of the Lord!

Well folks, you’ve probably figured out by now that when my posts start getting few and far between the Holy Spirit is up to something! Hope is a funny thing.  It is lost so easily (St Anthony pray for us!), and yet when God shows us a glimpse of His incredibly wonderful plan it comes…

Bungee Jumping FTW!

I am a fan of the abbreviation FTW, (For The Win) especially in conjunction with Holy Spirit, FTW.  However, my dear friend (God bless her), is a little, well, dense sometimes.  One day she poked her head out from under her rock (which is bigger than mine, but most certainly more Holy!)  and asked what…

I Mustache You a Question

I am blessed to live with a philosopher-princess.  She is a wealth of information(5 year olds know everything), the most honest person I know, and asks the questions of a true philosopher. One minute we are doing all sorts of silly things like making salami mustaches and she bursts out from the depths of her…

Digging for Change

Change – it’s the only constant in life, or so people have been telling me.  I’ve been going through some big changes personally and with the wider Church.  Appropriately, these changes are happening on the cusp of Lent. Lent is all about change.  We often refer to Lent as a time for “metanoia.” In Greek, metanoia…

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