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Those Crazy Catholics Are At It Again: Marian Consecration

As Catholics we do some pretty weird things.  We eat flesh and blood as the central act of our worship.  We venerate the body parts of Holy people.   We walk around one day a year with ashes on our foreheads. But the thing that most non-Catholics do not get is our love for Mary.…

Together with Mary

So what did we learn from the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe? Perhaps, the fact that millions of people were converted following the appearance of Our Lady was no coincidence.  What if Our Lady is the key to the New Pentecost?

How to Become a Rosary Ninja

Last weekend I received a very special gift.  My Grandmother gave me a rosary to take with me in August.  It wasn’t just any rosary though.  It belonged to my great-great Aunt Helen, who was a nun!  Furthermore, it was blessed by Pope Pius XII.  Fittingly, he had an especially strong devotion to Mary and…

We Are Family

The Sunday after Valentine’s Day,  couples with “big” anniversaries this year were recognized and invited to renew their wedding vows during Mass.  One couple, whose only child is a Sister, was part of the group.  At one point during the blessing the priest made a reference to their children and grandchildren.  At the mention of…

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