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The Spiritual Life: lessons from the Vineyard on how to grow in the Christian life through obedience, self-denial and prayer

The vineyard is the spiritual life of the Christian. The Lord has prepared the ground by removing stones and tilling, planted her in fertile soil and given her all she needs to be fruitful.  At the first sign of fruit, she is pruned, channeling all of His grace, all of the growing energy into the fruitful branches. 

How to Become a Rosary Ninja

Last weekend I received a very special gift.  My Grandmother gave me a rosary to take with me in August.  It wasn’t just any rosary though.  It belonged to my great-great Aunt Helen, who was a nun!  Furthermore, it was blessed by Pope Pius XII.  Fittingly, he had an especially strong devotion to Mary and…

St Teresa of Avila

Today is the Feast Day of St Teresa of Avila and considering the quote in my tagline (Christ has no body now…) is from her I thought it would be appropriate to write a little post about her. Picture a stereotypical Saint; pious, chaste and obedient.  Now picture the opposite; that was Teresa of Avila. …

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